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    發布時間:2020-11-04 09:28:00 | 來源:中國網 | 責任編輯:薛珊


    On October 14, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinpingmentioned at a grand gathering celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zonethat weshould promote the national spirit with patriotism at its the core and the spirit of the times centering on reform and innovation, continue to carry forward the spirit of special economic zones of being enterprising, pioneering and hard-working, and encourage the officials and people to be the “pioneer cattle” of the new era.


    In 1980, in order to promote reform, opening-up and socialist modernization, China decided to establish special economic zones. The Chinese government permits investment activities of foreign enterprises or individuals and overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots in special economic zones, and special policies are practiced in special economic zones. Since their establishment, various special economic zones have fully carried forward the spirit of special economic zones of being enterprising, pioneering and hard-working, giving full play to their roles as the "test fields" for reform and the "windows" opening onto the outside world.


    Inan instant, 40 years have passed. As the "pioneer cattle", special economic zones have created too many "first": establishing the first export processing zone in China, being the first to implement "extra-planned profit commission award",offering the first stock of New China... Benefiting from the policies and spirit of special economic zones, generations of entrepreneurs have grown up and fulfilled their potentials in various fields. They explore in the smart workshopsfeaturing technology and speed to support their expectations for the future. In the pilot and experimental areasof reform and opening up, they search for the key to unlocking the "modernized nation". Countless young enterprises and entrepreneurs thatpersist in their dreams provide impetus to high-quality development in the new era with the newest development cases and solid development data.


    Carrying forward the spirit of special economic zones means working hard and doing solid work. We, with firm faith and determination, must maintain the sense of pressure to overcome difficulties, the sense of mission toforge ahead, and the sense of responsibility tostart businesses, and be pragmatic for innovation and improvement. In this way, we will ride the wind and cleave the waves, and setour cloud-like sail tocontinue legend!