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    發布時間:2020-12-04 09:18:00 | 來源:中國網 | 責任編輯:薛珊


    On December 4, 2018, the fifth National Constitution Day, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed in an instruction promoting the spirit of the Constitution and upholding the Constitution's authority, and called for making efforts to guide all people to loyally uphold, willingly comply with and firmly safeguard the socialist rule of law.


    The Constitution is the cornerstone of the state system and national governance system, and is the fundamental law of our country. It has supreme legal status, authority and effect. It is the fundamental guarantee for every citizen to enjoy rights and fulfill obligations. The basic rights and obligations of citizens are the core content of the Constitution. From the formulation to the implementation of the Constitution, from respecting to observing the Constitution, the weight of the Constitution in the public mind directly determines the quality of the rule of law.


    “The Constitution is a piece of paper on which the rights of the people are written”. To carry forward the spirit of the Constitution, we must ensure that all citizens enjoy extensive rights in accordance with the law, citizens' personal rights, property rights, basic political rights and other rights are not infringed, and citizens' rights in all respects, including politics, economy and culture areguaranteed. The fundamental interests ofall people should be safeguarded. Weshould ensure that the people’s aspirationfor a better life will be fulfilled in accordance with the law. To promote the spirit of the Constitution, there is no "outsider" and everyone must bethe"master".


    We will vigorously promote the spirit of the Constitution so that it can take root in our hearts and grow into a thriving belief in the rule of law. This will guide all citizens to consciously respect and observe the law, and turn intothe driving force for hundreds of millions of people to advance the rule of law. The spirit of the Constitution is the spirit of the country, and the strength of the Constitution is the strength of the nation. The spirit of the Constitution integrated into the body of the country will become the spiritual foundation and the source of strength to hold up the great Chinese dream.