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    聽習近平講故事 | 談文化滋養:展現民族氣質 滋養浩然之氣

    發布時間:2022-01-08 15:20:34 | 來源:中國網-中國習觀 | 責任編輯:曹川川

    談文化滋養:展現民族氣質 滋養浩然之氣


    Xi Jinping on Cultural Nourishment: Display National Flair and Nurture Moral Integrity

    Culture and art work is an important component of socialist cultural and ethical progress. Culture and art workers are the “engineers of human souls” , and good cultural and art works should inspire the mind and warm the heart. President Xi has shared stories of how he studied on many occasions both at home and abroad, and encouraged people especially officials to read more good books.