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    The Olympic Spirit


    2022年2月4日, 第24屆冬季奧林匹克運動會在北京開幕。 當奧林匹克火種在中國國家體育場“點燃”一朵“雪花”時,北京再次迎來“奧運時刻”, 也正式成為國際上唯一一座“雙奧之城”。

    On February 4, 2022, the 24th Winter Olympic Games opened in Beijing. The Olympic flame “ lit ” a “ snowflake ” in the China's National Stadium, making Beijing enter the "Olympic M oment" once again.  Beijing  officially became the world's only city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.


    On February 3, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered a n address at the opening ceremony of the 139th session of the International Olympic Committee . Xi stressed that from “ One World, One Dream ” in 2008 to “ Together for a Shared Future ” in 2022, China has taken an active part in the Olympic Movement and consistently championed the Olympic spirit. China is committed to pursuing the Olympic ideal with concrete actions.

    來自世界各地的頂尖運動員在訓練場揮灑汗水,在競技場 奮勇爭先 ,一次次書寫戰勝自我、超越自我的精彩篇章。賽場上,當我們不分國別、種族、性別、信仰,一起為每位運動員的拼搏喝彩時,奧林匹克運動的宗旨便得到了更廣泛地弘揚。

    Top athletes from various countries sweat hard in the training ground and outdo themselves to excel on the  sports field . Again and again, they writ e wonderful chapters of overcoming and surpassing themselves. When we join together to   cheer for each athlete in the stadium, regardless of nationality, race, gender or creed, the purpose of the Olympic Movement is more widely promoted.

    奧運會作為世界頂級的運動盛會,象征著世界的和平、友誼和團結,這就是奧林匹克精神的最佳體現。 從“更快、更高、更強”到“更快、更高、更強——更團結”, 奧林匹克格言 的演變深刻闡釋了奧林匹克精神的時代特征。 北京冬奧會不僅是傳遞激情和夢想、展示勇氣和力量的賽場,更是抒寫奮斗和團結的舞臺。

    As the world ’ s top sporting event, the Olympic Games symbolizes world peace, friendship and unity, which is the best embodiment of the Olympic spirit. From “ Faster, Higher, Stronger ” to “ Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together ” , the evolution of the Olympic motto elaborated the Olympic spirit ’ s characteristics of the times. The Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 not only provides a stadium to convey passion and dreams, to show courage and strength, but also is a stage to express struggle and unity.


    As General Secretary Xi Jinping has said : i nstead of riding separately in some 190 small boats, countries around the world should stay together in one giant ship and sail toward a brighter future . “ Together for a Shared Future ” , t he official motto of Beijing 2022 , provides a Chinese  commentary on the Olympic motto. It is not only a slogan, but also an attitude and an action plan. The motto expresses the common aspiration of the world for a better future, and coincides with China's responsibility as a major country to build a community with a shared future for mankind.